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original art - hand-painted portraits - cutout portraits - construct portraits
by artist terry lefler
Abstract Art by Terry Lefler
Recently I have been working on a series of abstract art pieces.  So far, the series has over 40 pieces.  Each image has been produced on a 16" x 20" stretched canvas.  The images have all used oil-paint and some have also used a particulate (sand), for texture and visual effect.

I have put 17 canvases from my abstract art series onto my ETSY web site where they are for sale.  You will be able to view my ETSY store by going to:

I am including images of the 17 ETSY items and divided them into 3 groups, for faster loading.  Just click on the images below in order to see more detailed images.
Brush Strokes
Abstract Styles
Paint Manipulation