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Flaming Flower Blossom
An original handmade mixed-media cutout painting of a brightly colored flower blossom by artist Terry Lefler. A shaped 20 in x 22 in mixed-media outline painting titled "Flaming Flower Blossom".  The art is ready to hang.
This photo above shows the cutout painting hanging on a black background.

The photo below shows the cutout painting hanging on a "stucco" exterior wall in direct sunlight.

This  photo shows a side view of the artwork and shows the there are two basic pieces.

1- The stamen has a stem made of a man-made fiber. The anther is made of man-made fiber and metal "hairs". The stem section is painted with enamel paint. The anther is approximately 1 inches above the petal level.

2- The petal area of the blossom is shaped plywood with some sections thicker than others. The most common thickness is approximately ¼ inch.. Raised edges have been sculpted using synthetic wood materials. This area has been painted using spray enamel paint and by air-brushing with enamel paint.

The entire piece has been coated with a gloss clear-coat.
The photo above shows the painting and frame from the back.  The photo shows the artist's signature and the "picture-wire" that is used to hang the piece in the traditional manner.
the artist holding the painting

The process for making the cutout painting:
A 1/4" thick piece of plywood was shaped into a 20" x 22" outline of a flower blossom. (There is more the one thickness for the petals.) Raised edges were sculpted using synthetic wood materials. The plywood cutout was sealed, coated with multiple coats of primer and sanded for a smooth surface. The back side of the plywood has picture wire attached to a metal piece.
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