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Cutout Portrait

' Riley Running'
oil on wood (with metal structure for support)

13" wide x 29" high at maximums
original photo

My concept for the "cutout" painting was to eliminate the background of the painting and to let the wall show through and become a part of the painting.

This painting is oil on model-maker's plywood.  The dimensions are 13" wide (maximum) and 29" high (maximum). 

The wood is 3/8" thick model-maker's plywood supported in back by a metal framework designed to prevent the wood from warping.   The depth of the metal framework causes the painting to be approximately 1/2" away from the wall thus providing interesting shadows that change with lighting conditions.

There is "picture wire" in back of the painting and the painting hangs on the wall by the usual "nail-in-the-wall" method.

This painting weighs approximately 10 pounds.

(close-up views shown below)
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