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"The Mosers" Cutout Portrait
(the original photo is shown below)
About the Cutout
The cutout material is a 1/4" thick aluminum composite material that is used by printers and sign makers for outdoor signs.  The sign material consists of two thin sheets of aluminum with a rubbery plastic in the center.  Each aluminum surface is coated with a baked-on enamel paint finish.  The cutout is supported in back by a metal framework designed to prevent the material from warping.  The depth of the metal framework causes the painting to be approximately 3/4" away from the wall thus providing interesting shadows that change with lighting conditions.

There is "picture wire" in back of the painting and the painting hangs on the wall by the usual "nail-in-the-wall" method.

This painting weighs approximately 20 pounds.
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This is a 'cutout painting' done on an aluminum composite material.  This type of material is commonly used by sign-painters, and by the state of Florida for interstate information signs.  The cutout has metal braces on the back side for support.  The cutout piece is 35" wide x 36" high (at it's maximums).

This piece of artwork was painted in oil paint and then was allowed to dry to completely dry.  After allowing the oil paint to dry for 2 years, I wasn't satisfied, and decided to rework the painting. 

I reworked the painting by repainting it using fast-drying oil paint (alkyd paint) on top of the original oil painting.  Then I allowed the paint to dry for 2 months.  After that, I drew on top of the dried paint using colored pencil.

( The completed work is shown above.)

(The original painted version is shown below.) 

For Comparison - Here is a close-up of the lady's face in the painted version and the same face after the colored pencil rework.