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Lily Flower Blossom

An original Oil-On-Wood painting of a lily flower blossom by artist Terry Lefler. The 28 in. x 14 in. cutout painting is entitled "Flower Blossom 2" and is ready to hang.

The photo below was taken with the painting hanging on a black background
This photo was taken with the painting hanging on an outside "stucco" wall in direct sunlight.

The photo below shows the edge view of the painting. The plywood is approximately ½" thick and is rounded at the edges.  The entire piece has been coated with a gloss clear-coat.
This photo shows the back of the painting, with a metal support and "picture wire" attached so that the painting can be hung in the same manner as a traditional framed painting.
the artist holding the painting

The process for making the cutout painting:

A piece of high quality plywood (approximately ½ " thick) was shaped into a 28" x 14" outline of a flower. The plywood cutout was sealed, coated with primer/paint and sanded to obtain a smooth surface. The back side of the plywood has been braced with metal and routered to prevent warping. Picture hanging wire has been added so that the artwork is ready to hang. The painting was done using oil paint and brushes in the traditional manner. A gloss varnish clear-coat was applied after the painting had aged for more than 6 months.

The artwork has been signed in two places. One signature is visible from the front but is not easy to spot so that it doesn't interfere with the art. The other signature is on the back.
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